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Careprost eyelash serum is a formulated ophthalmic solution that helps in the growth of dense & long lashes. It is clinically tested & FDA approved formula that gives you the natural luscious lashes & eyebrows. This serum is specially formulated for those who have brittle or short lashes, which grow much longer and stronger in just 6-8 weeks with regular application of the medication.

This medication is a type of prostaglandin analogue that decreases fluid pressure in the eyes. It can also help in treating glaucoma and hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. It works by increasing the outflow of fluid from the eyes to the blood stream, which then decreases the fluid pressure in the eye. This is very important for the eye as high fluid pressure can cause blindness over a long period of time.

Before using the medication, you should wash your hands with soap to ensure that there are no germs in them. Then gently put one drop of the medicine onto your upper eyelid. It is very important to avoid the lower eyelid as you do not want it to get in your eyes. It is recommended to use this product once a day, preferably before going to sleep. If you wear contact lenses, then it is important to remove them before pouting in the eye drops and wait for 15 minutes before re-inserting them. Then, you should rinse your eyes with water.

You should always follow the doctor’s instructions when applying this medication. If you do not follow the directions then your eyes may become irritated or itchy. You should not try to increase or reduce the dosage as this can change the way it works for you. If you notice any unwelcome side effects then you should talk to your doctor about them.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not take this medication. It is also not recommended to use this medication if you have an allergy to the active ingredient, bimatoprost. It is important to tell your doctor about any other medications that you are taking or have recently taken in the past.

Some common side effects of Careprost include itching of the eye and redness of the eyes. These side effects usually occur within a few hours of using this product, and should not last for more than a few days. Some less common side effects of this medication include darkening of the skin near where Careprost is applied, and brown iris pigmentation. careprost eyelash serum

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