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Wart removal by clinical treatment is not the best. This may be a bold statement but as you read on, you will realize why this is so. If you are thinking that self removal of warts at home is the better alternative, you are both right and wrong. You are correct in the sense that you can administer the treatment yourself from home, but wrong if you associate it with the usage of over-the-counter (OTC) or prescribed medicine such as salicylic acid and tretinoin plasters and other products with skin-peeling properties. This article will expose some of the risks and shortfalls you need to consider before going for a clinical removal treatment performed by your dermatologist. You will also catch a glimpse of the benefits of using totally safe and natural home treatment versus using OTC medications to get rid of those warts.

Let us take a closer look at the clinical wart removal treatment you would probably be subjected to at the dermatologist’s clinic. Chances are the dermatologist would recommend cauterization, cryrotherapy or excision to get rid of those warts. Laser treatment may also be suggested as another alternative but it is mostly avoided if necessary due to its high costs. Here’s a brief summary of each treatment method and its possible harmful effects.

Cauterization is the medical term for burning of the skin growth. It is used in conjunction with electric current and this removal treatment is sometimes called electro-surgery. Other than warts, it can be used to remove other skin abnormalities such as skin tags and moles. This process may be simple but the success depends on the skills of the dermatologist performing the procedure.

Cyrotherapy involves freezing the warts so that they can be easily removed. The dermatologist would clip the wart with forceps or other metallic tweezers and apply liquid nitrogen, freezing the warts almost instantenously. The risk of suffering from skin burns or dyschromic lesions/wounds do exist for these methods.

Excision by a pair of scissors or scalpel can hurt even when the patient is under the numbing effect of local anesthesia. Bleeding is likely to take place and if the skin tags are numerous, the bleeding can be a rather messy sight for the patient. If you cannot stand the sight of blood, reconsider this option. However, the bleeding is relatively harmless and aluminum chloride is often applied on the affected area to alleviate it.

Clinical methods may be fast and take a few hours to complete, but the full recovery from the wound marks could take weeks. In some cases that have gone wrong, permanent scarring is a repercussion the patient has to live with. The plight of these folks needs to be acknowledged and empathy accorded. After all, quite a number of people remove warts to enhance their physical appearances. There is also no guarantee that the warts would not return after the treatment. Talking about the cosmetic effect, you may wish to know that cosmetic wart removal is not included in the list of illnesses and diseases covered by insurance companies. Lots of people fail to realize this, that the warts are surgically removed for its aesthetic value. Warts are hardly a health threat, unless they are malignant ie cancerous which do occur in genital warts. It would do you good to clarify with the insurance companies least you have to fork out a hefty sum of money for treatment.

What about OTC medications for wart removal? OTC medications may produce indirect side-effects be it immediately or weeks/months down the road. The patient may have sensitive skin condition or are allergic to certain medical agents in the medication. A direct side-effect could be the development of skin rashes.

I have outlined these potential risks and pitfalls so that you will be well-informed. People suffer at times not because there are no proper treatments or cures but simply because of ignorance and/or lack of communication and discussion with their doctors. Warts problem can only be properly dealt with at the clinic until recently when a natural treatment method surfaced. It was not discovered by medical researchers but by a wart sufferer who discovered some simple-to-follow and natural wart removal secrets and overcame his chronic skin condition permanently. Folks, who got to learn about his methods, applied them and thus far have revealed outstanding results. Read more at my blog about his battle against warts and how he succeeded with his natural, safe and permanent wart removal treatment. tazarotene uk

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