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Conservatories are a great way to create extra living space, increase the square footage of your home and enhance your property’s overall aesthetic. In fact, a conservatory can even boost the value of your home.

Before you buy a conservatory, it’s important to get some advice from a professional about what you need to consider and how to style the building. The size, shape, height and style of the roof, as well as the positioning of the windows and doors, ridge details and colours will all play an important role in enhancing the look of the building.

Your choice of roofing material will also depend on your budget and the style of the building. You can choose between a range of materials, including timber-effect conservatories, aluminum or uPVC.

Choosing the right glazing for your glasshouse is an important step, as it will determine how well the structure performs. You’ll want a product that has a high degree of strength and durability. It should also be easy to clean, maintain and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Insulation is another essential factor, as it will help to keep the interior of your conservatory at a comfortable temperature. In addition to providing a draught proof and weather resistant barrier, effective insulations also help to reduce your energy bills by ensuring your heating appliances don’t have to work as hard.

If you’re looking for a roof that will provide exceptional solar protection, then a tempered or clear polycarbonate sheet is the best solution for your new conservatory. In particular, you’ll want to choose a product that can reflect up to 80% of solar heat and keep your internal temperature lower in the summer.

You can choose from a variety of colors and tints, with many allowing natural light to filter into your new conservatory. However, it’s worth remembering that the sun can be strong in the south of the country, so you’ll need to install some type of ventilation if your new conservatory is located on a southern facing plot.

Noise reduction

A major concern for many homeowners is the noise that can be heard when rain or hail hits the roof of a conservatory. This can be a real nuisance and is exacerbated by the resonant frequencies of a polycarbonate roof.

Luckily, Quietguard has developed a patented silicone sheet that can be retrofitted onto polycarbonate conservatory roof panels cutting the resonant frequency of rain and hail to a level that’s comfortably quiet. It’s a simple solution that can be applied on most conservatory roofs and is usually completed in just a day*!

Laminated or acoustic laminated glass is a great option for conservatories as it will significantly reduce the amount of noise resonating from the environment outside into your space. This can be particularly helpful if you plan to listen to music or watch TV in your new space.

Sound reducing sheets are easily installed on to most polycarbonate roofs using glazing bars and are usually completed within a day*!

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