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Gold is the go-to metal for accents in bedrooms, so when you’re ready to add a touch of glam with your decor, a gold bedside table lamp is a great place to start. Its metallic shine gives off a warm, inviting glow that makes any space feel cozier and more inviting.

There are many ways to style a gold lamp in the bedroom, including by pairing it with other colors, styles and finishes that can help soften its appearance. Try a contemporary brushed brass desk lamp with a gold finish or an antique table lamp in a rustic tone for a more subtle aesthetic.

For a touch of glamour without the extra glitz, a gold bedside table lamp may also look stunning in a neutral bedroom with white walls and furniture. Its metallic finish and clean lines can give a space a polished look that’s easy to update as your taste evolves over time.

Adding the perfect amount of soft light to your room is important for creating the mood and comfort you want. Luckily, you can find the right gold lamps at west elm to help make any room feel just a little bit warmer and more welcoming.

When you’re selecting the perfect lamp, the size of the piece is important to consider. You’ll want to choose something that isn’t too tall, but is also not too small. This is especially true if you’ll be placing it on a small table as an accent piece rather than on your nightstand in the bedroom.

To get the most out of your space, opt for a gold table lamp that is the right size for your needs and will fit into any area where you’ll be putting it. A smaller lamp is ideal for a narrow bedside table or shelving unit that doesn’t have too much height, but a larger lamp can help you accentuate a large living room area or a dark corner in your dining room.

In terms of style, gold lamps can be anything from contemporary pieces to sculptural accents with bold shapes and textures. Some have a single bulb while others feature a glass globe lampshade in a milk finish or a natural linen shade.

The color of the lampshade is also a factor to keep in mind when choosing a gold lamp for the bedroom. A white fabric drum shade can provide a more subtle lighting effect, while a cream or ivory-colored linen shade will offer a slightly more brightly lit feel.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic touch, a gold criss-cross lamp base is an excellent choice. The criss-cross design features a bold gold finish that makes any room it’s placed in stand out from the rest.

For more traditional style, consider a table lamp that features a frosted white glass shade for soft light in your bedroom or other spaces throughout the house. Or, opt for a table lamp with a large decorative orb in white glass that looks stunning when perched on a table or window sill in your living room or den. Gold bedside table lamp

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