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Custom branded games are one of the most effective marketing instruments that you can use to make your product and brand stand out. They can engage your audience, send a crucial message and transform them into loyal customers.

When you create a branded game, it’s essential to think about the message that your brand wants to convey, as well as the event setting and budget. In addition to this, you will need to decide whether or not to add various gamification elements such as social media challenges, virtual or augmented reality games, and prizes that can enhance the promotional impact of your branded game.

The popularity of branded marketing games is growing because they allow marketers to deliver interactive content that can be deployed instantly on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. With consumers increasingly having short attention spans, delivering small, lightweight and highly engaging experiences makes the most sense.

A branded marketing game is an online game that is customized with your brand’s image or message and can be used for brand awareness, customer engagement, lead generation or building loyalty. It is typically developed with responsive design so that it can be delivered to different platforms and devices seamlessly.

Branded games can be deployed as microsites or embedded on your website, and are often designed with a responsive mindset so that they can be played by users across all desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers. A branded game can be used to collect data such as clicks, scrolls or other visitor behaviors and can be hosted on a cloud-based or no-code platform. Arcade games hire

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