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Resolving conflict with men in a relationship is a challenge for many couples. It requires a commitment to open communication, understanding rather than winning, and forgiveness. It also involves recognizing and addressing the dynamics of power and control that escalate conflicts and breed resentment. This article explores these challenges, and suggests ways to avoid and manage destructive conflict. It does not cover situations of domestic violence, which should be treated as a serious matter and reported to authorities.

Start with identifying the root cause of the argument. It’s often hard to communicate effectively when emotions are running high, so it is important to calm down and prepare to discuss the issue. It’s helpful to write down your thoughts on the topic in a journal before you talk with your partner.

Listening is as important as speaking during a conversation. It shows your spouse that you care about their opinion, and allows you to better understand the other side’s perspective. Try not to interrupt, and remove any distractions such as the television or radio. Keeping eye contact is also key to maintaining the respect and dignity of your spouse during a discussion.

It’s also important to choose your battles wisely. Not every argument needs to be resolved, and arguing over trivial things can drain your energy and cause resentment in the long run. For example, if there are several parking spaces available, it may be best to agree to disagree and move on. resolving conflict with men in a relationship

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