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German is the most popular foreign language in Europe, boasting 95 million speakers. It is the official (or one of) languages in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland and is spoken widely in northern areas of France and Italy. It is known for its clunky syntax and long words – many of which are created by merging together shorter ones. But learning German is a great way to develop business skills and connect with an international audience, and there are plenty of opportunities for German classes in London to suit your needs.

Evening classes are a convenient option for professionals, students, and those looking to learn a new language on their own schedule. They are generally more interactive than standard group language courses and allow learners to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds.

There are a wide range of evening German classes for beginner level adults to those with more experience. You can find German lessons from private tutors, community centres and universities. The best way to find a class is to browse local listings on Superprof, where you can search for teachers by location and hourly rate, and look at their online profiles which include a short biography, certifications and accreditations, comments and ratings from past students, availability, speed of response, and more.

University courses are the most structured since they offer credit equivalency and can be tailored to your specific goals. They can also be combined with culture or literature courses for a more rounded and comprehensive language study. More advanced Deutsch speakers can participate in an immersive language exchange or internship program with a CIEE provider, which may offer a credit equivalency for your home university. German classes London

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