Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Heat pump repair services help you keep your home warm and comfortable when your system stops working. Whether you have an air-to-air, water source or geothermal heat pump, you can trust the professionals at Jones Services to diagnose and fix any issues. Our experienced technicians use a combination of experience and advanced tools to ensure your heat pump repair is done correctly and at the best price.

The cost of heat pump repairs depends on what is causing the problem, but there are some common problems that most technicians can easily fix. For example, if your heat pump isn’t providing enough heating, it could be due to leaky refrigerant lines that need to be repaired. Other issues include difficulty switching into heating mode, unusual rattling or banging sounds and excessive cold air coming from your unit.

If you have a rotting smell, musty or burning odors coming from your heat pump, it’s definitely time for professional attention. Rotting smells may indicate a mold or pest infestation, while burning odors indicate an electrical problem and a potential safety hazard.

Heat pumps are a complex piece of equipment that require regular maintenance to function properly. Keeping your system in good condition can prevent many expensive, potentially dangerous repairs and save you money on energy costs. Our routine maintenance plans are designed to ensure your heat pump lasts longer, runs more efficiently and reduce your utility bills. Contact Jones Services today to learn more about our heat pump maintenance service options or schedule an appointment to get started.

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