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If you have an existing conservatory that’s been let down by a poorly performing roof or are at the planning stage for your home extension, a new tiled conservatory roof will transform it. A new insulated roof will instantly make your conservatory far more energy efficient and comfortable to live in throughout the year.

In most cases, a new tiled conservatory roof can be installed without the need for a full replacement of your existing polycarbonate or glass conservatory walls. However, depending on the age and condition of your conservatory it may be necessary to strengthen your walls and reinforce the structure before installing a new roof.

A solid conservatory roof is much more insulated than traditional polycarbonate sheets and has a lower U-value, meaning less heat is lost which in turn reduces your heating costs. This is particularly true if you choose to install roof windows with a low emissivity coating, which will further enhance your new conservatory’s insulation.

Unlike polycarbonate and glass, a new tiled conservatory roof is designed to absorb sound, which makes it a lot more pleasant to spend time in your conservatory when it’s raining. This is especially useful if you’re using your conservatory as a dining room or office space, where it would be unpleasant to hear the sound of rain hitting the windows.

If your conservatory was built with a lightweight roof then replacing it with a new solid conservatory roof will mean that the structure needs to be strengthened, this can be costly as the walls and foundations will need strengthening and reinforcing before the installation of a tiled roof. It’s also important that a survey is carried out before the installation to ensure that the conservatory can support the extra weight of a solid roof and it doesn’t collapse.

A new tiled conservatory roof can add instant market value to your Surrey property. Potential buyers will be able to see the development potential of your property and it could even increase your chances of a quick sale.

Compared to polycarbonate and glass, a new solid roof from Evaroof significantly improves the thermal performance of your conservatory. This is due to the multi-layered tiles, which capture and retain heat that would normally escape from a conventional conservatory roof. This makes your conservatory much more comfortable to use and will help to reduce your energy bills. new conservatory roof

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