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Roof moss is cursed by many a homeowner, loose bits fall off and frequently block gutters and drains and those unsightly green lumps on otherwise pristine glass conservatory roof panels can irritate even the most placid. If you have clay roof tiles then the moisture retained by the moss can freeze during winter months and cause damage to the tiles, thus shortening the expected lifespan of the roof.

General roofing company verses a specialist

The removal of the moss need not be an expensive exercise and can be carried out by any competent roofing firm. Specialist roof coatings applied by specialist roof cleaning companies are often a waste of money and offer virtually no long term protection against moss growth. A little research on the web about the damage high powered pressure washers can cause to old roof tiles will put off most homeowners from this option. Also most specialist firms make money by selling roof coatings and sealants which are rarely needed and typically wear off over the years, the end result is often patchy, flaky roof tiles that require an expensive re-coat a few years down the line.

The best way to remove the moss

Contact a local roofing firm and ask them to check the roof for stability and if it is safe they can be instructed to remove the moss by using a scraper or trowel. High powered and potentially damaging pressure washers are never needed. Once the excess moss has been scraped off and the roof has been given a brush off to remove loose dust/dirt, the gutters should be thoroughly cleared out and the downpipes checked for blockages.

The best moss killer for the roof tiles

The products available to you will depend on which country you reside as each will have their own list of acceptable and restricted chemicals. It is worth noting that a sealant or roof coating will not offer long term protection so it is often not worth paying for the product. A moss killer chemical sprayed onto the roof and re applied every few years by a local roofing firm is a much more cost effective and trusted method of controlling the growth on roof tiles. The best products are often used by local councils or cleaning professionals on pavements, tennis courts and other hard surfaces that are frequently prone to the unsightly green growth. Typical garden centre type chemicals are often too weak for the job. conservatory roof tiles

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