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The katana sword is one of the most iconic weapons of feudal Japan. It is often associated with the samurai, warriors who were fearless in battle and willing to die honorably in the line of duty. The katana was designed for quick, precise kills and became known as artistic masterpieces of death.

Sword smiths forged the katana with hard and tough high-carbon steel. They made it curved so that it could cut through an enemy’s body with ease and also sharp, allowing it to penetrate deep into the torso and kill or wound the opponent quickly and effectively. The curved blade also helped protect the swordsman from injuring his or her hands during combat.

During the Heian period, a time of civil war and warfare, samurai swordsmiths such as Masamune created blades that were known for their beauty and quality. The katana was also modified in the Muromachi period (1336-1573) to adapt to larger scales of warfare. The blades became shorter and wider, and the curved shape was adjusted to accommodate a new style of fighting.

After the smith finishes quenching the sword with Yaki-ire, he or she will grind the blade’s edges. Then, the hilt and guard will be made. They will be decorated with gold inlay, or other embellishments. Another specialized craftsman will make the scabbard to fit the sword. All of these sword fittings are works of art in their own right, enhancing the beauty and status of the finished katana. buy the katana here

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