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The katana, with its long blade and distinctive curved shape, is among the most iconic of swords. It’s up there with chainsaws, spiked baseball bats and crossbows on the “weapons I would want in a zombie apocalypse that aren’t guns” list. It also happens to be one of the most lethal weapons ever created.

The process of making a katana goes beyond simple metalwork. It is a highly specialized craft that reflects Japan’s cultural and spiritual beliefs. Every katana is a testament to the skill and devotion of its creator.

Forged from high-carbon steel known as tamahagane, the katana’s blade is shaped by painstaking heating and cooling. This creates differing densities in the steel that give a katana its signature curve. Once the blade is forged, it’s cut and folded to remove impurities, giving it its layered appearance. Then the swordsmith hammers and folds the blade again to create its final form.

The tsuka, or handle, is wrapped with an outer layer of silk, leather or cotton called the ito. This is to protect the blade while offering a comfortable and secure grip. Modern ito may feature ornaments to give the sword identity and character.

The katana’s unique shape allowed for the warrior to draw and strike in a single motion, using a technique known as tameshigiri. This was especially important in seppuku, a ritual suicide common in feudal Japan known as the 47 Ronin legend, where the surviving members of a group of masterless samurai redeemed their honor by piercing their own stomachs with their blades. buy demon slayer katana online

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