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A great manicure or pedicure begins with the right equipment. These sets contain all the basic tools you’ll need to trim your nails, remove hangnails and take care of your cuticles. Many come with a nail file, a nail clipper, scissors, tweezers, a push stick and a cuticle nipper. They all come in a handy zippered case and are ideal for on-the-go nail maintenance.

Nail Clippers

Whether you’re looking to cut your nails or just trim them from time to time, a good pair of nail clippers is a must-have. These will cut your nails with precision without causing any damage to your cuticles. A good pair will also have a slight curve to them making it easier to fit under your nails to cut any loose bits that may be hanging out.

Cuticle Nippers

If you’re not a fan of scissors, a set of nail nippers will work much more effectively to trim your nails. They are usually a little more expensive than nail clippers but they are a lot safer and will give you the cleanest cut on your nails. Cuticle nippers will have one side that is curved to help push back your cuticles and another side with a sharper edge to help cut the excess skin around the base of your nail.

Nail Files

A nail file is the next most basic piece of manicure and pedicure equipment that everyone should have in their kit. A good quality file will have two surfaces; a coarse side to shape and smooth the nails and a finer side to help buff away ridges and stains. Using your nail file every 10 days will help promote healthy nails while the buffing surface helps to keep your nail polish fresh and glossy.


These are not a must-have for all manicure and pedicure kits but they can be very useful for many things like picking up smaller pieces of dirt or debris, teasing out an ingrown hair or even just as a fingernail detangler. You can always find a good pair of tweezers in most beauty or nail care products and they are the perfect tool for picking up small objects that your fingers might not be able to reach.

Glass Manicure Stick

The newest addition to the world of manicure and pedicure equipment is the glass manicure stick. Made by GERmanikure, this tool is used to clean underneath your nails and gently push back the cuticles while keeping them moist. It’s a safe and healthy alternative to the orange wood cuticle pushers that are often found in kits as they can harbor bacteria and do not disinfect well. The glass manicure stick is a sanitary choice that can be cleaned and sterilized easily between uses. It comes with a convenient travel case and has an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand. We recommend using it after soaking your nails in warm water and applying some cuticle softener. Équipements de manucure

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