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Often overlooked as a bathroom accessory, bath trays play a very important role in the overall function of your bathroom. They are useful for organizing your toiletries, washcloths and other items in a neat and tidy manner. Additionally, a tray can help you transport your items easily when you need to take them somewhere.

Some trays come with compartments, which makes them ideal for storing shampoo, conditioner and other hair products. The trays are also usually made of plastic, which makes them easy to clean and lightweight. They are usually available in different colors and designs, which makes it possible to match them with your bathroom’s theme.

A bedside shampoo basin and tray can make washing your hair much easier for you or a loved one. It can be difficult to bend or lean over a sink to shampoo your hair, especially if you are limited in movement. Hair washing trays are designed to allow you to shampoo while sitting in a chair or wheelchair. They typically have a cutout that allows water to flow into the sink basin, and they are sometimes equipped with a strap that helps you keep the tray in place.

The EZ-Access shampoo tray is designed to be used with any chair or wheelchair, and it is perfect for those who are unable to bend or lean over the sink. It features a contoured neck cutout that fits comfortably on the clients shoulders, and a 35” strap that can be wrapped around the client’s forearm to stabilize the tray. It diminishes awkward bending for people with limited mobility and reduces back strain for caregivers.

Another way to reduce the discomfort associated with washing your hair is to use a reversible shampoo cape. These caps are waterproof and designed to protect the skin and clothing from water, chemicals and stains. They can be easily inflated by two breaths, and they are available in various sizes to accommodate any head size.

Lastly, you can use a sponge to help you get rid of dirt and oils on your scalp. A reversible shampoo sponge can be easily soaked in soapy water, and it is designed to be soft on your scalp. You can find these at most pharmacies and medical supply stores.

Aside from these items, it’s important to remember that you should avoid prolonged neck arching or hyperextension when shampooing elderly people. This can lead to a stiff or painful neck. To avoid this, Dr. Weintraub recommends that salon professionals and home care providers do not arch the person’s neck backward or twist it more than 15 degrees. They should also consider using a gentler shampoo and not applying as much pressure. Adding a pillow or towel to the person’s head can also make them more comfortable. BACS À SHAMPOING

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