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Michael Kors bags are the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. The label’s designs have sparked a movement dedicated to their beauty. Their unique and elegant design has a subtle hint of indulgence and glamour, making them the ideal bag for every woman.

The label was started in 1981 and has since grown into a global accessories, footwear, and apparel brand that’s beloved by women everywhere. Its designer sportswear-inspired collections define American elegance and glamour, with chic co-ords, casual separates, and elegant dresses that all ooze luxury.

While it is possible to find inexpensive Michael Kors bags, the label is considered a luxury fashion brand. Its prices are generally higher than those of other luxury brands, but it does offer a range of price points to suit any budget. The company also has several stores and outlet stores around the world where customers can buy its pieces at a discounted price.

Michael Kors uses a variety of high-quality materials and fabrics in its handbags, including leather, suede, coated canvas, and polyurethane. The brand is renowned for its use of Saffiano leather, a special type of cowhide that’s treated with a wax coating and has distinctive diagonal lines. The fabric is a little less durable than natural leather, but it’s easy to clean and resistant to water damage. It’s also extremely lightweight, which makes it a great option for travel and everyday wear.

The brand is also renowned for its quality stitching and use of high-quality hardware, including zippers and gold-toned metal accents. Its bags are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, which means that there is sure to be one that matches your style perfectly. The signature logo hardware charm is another distinguishing feature of Michael Kors bags, and it can be found on several of the brand’s best-selling styles.

In addition to its leather bags, the label offers a wide selection of suede and nylon styles that are perfect for everyday wear. These purses are lighter and more affordable than the leather ones, but they still provide plenty of storage space for your essentials. The line also includes a number of smaller clutches that are ideal for a night out or formal event.

In spite of its popularity, the Michael Kors brand has a few image issues to contend with. According to Newsweek, the brand’s association with department stores like Macy’s has made it overexposed and visible to too many people, which can make it seem less luxurious. The brand also suffers from having a range of different label price points, which can confuse customers. Consequently, it may be best to wait for a particular design you want to go on sale, or visit a discount retailer like Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx. They often carry older styles at a much lower price point than newer ones. michael kors bags for women

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