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Slack marketing discipline makes you poorer and denies your potential customer base the opportunity to benefit from your products and services. You just have to get in there and take part in the competition with other businesses for the attention of potential buyers in the marketplace. You have to be sensitive and hardworking in today’s marketing environment.

Remember there are just too many marketing messages out there, about 3000 a day per person by the latest estimations. Refine your marketing techniques so they are not disturbing and annoying. They should be targeted and welcome. You will have to work hard to prevent consumers from simply ignoring your message.

You might feel that your marketing efforts are wasted. This might well be the case if these efforts are not handled methodically and sensibly. Usually business owners in this predicament are forgetting the basics which are stashed somewhere there far in the back of their minds. Companies too often lack marketing discipline and making a few changes to their marketing habits and outlooks could make a huge difference to their bottom lines. The most common problem is that a company pulls in several different marketing directions at once. There is no centralized marketing strategy to draw the threads together.

Here is a list of areas you should attend to improve business marketing discipline:

1. Ensure uniformity when it comes to logo, taglines, colors, feel and design. Often within companies each department is doing its own thing when it comes to corporate identity. Rule this out by creating an easily followed corporate ID manual.

2. Do away with minimalist advertising campaigns. Too many business owners believe that a couple of print ads will lead to instant success. Forget about this technique. Create an overall, global marketing campaign employing a variety of marketing techniques.

3. Use professionals to do a professional job. It is no good getting amateurs and then expecting a professional job. Too many business owners fall into this trap. Use professionals

4. Make the most of your first impression. You have only one opportunity to make a first impression. Maybe it will be in the form of a business rep, your storefront or your website. Make it the best first impression you can.

5. Always understand, define and remember your target market. This is self explanatory but you would be surprised how many business owners do not do this. There is one way to ensure you stick to your target market. Write down who they are and keep referring to this core profile

6. Create a marketing plan and then implement it. It sounds so basic – but thousands of business people fail to do this.

7. Keep track of your marketing expenditure and calculate your ROI. Again it sounds obvious. Make sure you do it.

8. Engage in effective and low cost networking and charitable giving. Do not get caught up in giving that will not promote your business. Keep a lid on it.

9. Sell solutions, benefits and good value to customers. Modern customers are way past wanting to see your spec sheets. Show them how their lives will change through using your product or service. socks manufacturer

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