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Tomatensosse is a type of Italian pasta sauce. It is made of tomato, olive oil and herbs. It can be used to cook pasta, risotto and other dishes.

It possesses an authentic Italian flavour, which makes it perfect for pasta, pizza, salads and roasted meat dishes. It is vegan, gluten free and contains no preservatives.

The recipe is easy to prepare and tastes great!

Traditionally, it is made from fresh tomatoes and basil, which is why it is called marinara sauce. But, it is also possible to use jarred paste instead of fresh tomatoes and basil.

In this recipe, we use a combination of red and green tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, oregano and chilli flakes. This helps to develop a robust aroma, which is then infused into the sauce.

We add to this a good amount of salt and pepper, so that the flavours are not overpowering. This will make the sauce less spicy and give it a more authentic Italian taste.

When making this sauce, be careful not to let the heat go too high and burn the ingredients. If the mixture gets too hot, the tomatoes will break down and the sauce may become too watery.

Once the sauce has a nice colour, it is ready to be eaten!

Be aware that the recipe is a bit time consuming, so it’s best to make a large batch and store it in a cool place. It will last for a few days in the refrigerator.

Whether you are cooking for yourself or for your family, this sauce is a must have!

What is the difference between Marinara and Spaghetti Sauce?

The difference between these two types of pasta sauce is that tomato sauce is typically made from tomatoes, while spaghetti sauce is made from pasta. Both contain the same main ingredients, but the tomato version is a bit more sweeter and has a lower acidity level than its counterpart.

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