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Tiled conservatory roofs provide a sophisticated upgrade to your old polycarbonate roof, while also offering great energy efficiency. They can help you save around PS200 per year on your heating bills, which can be a real bonus for those on a budget.

Low U-values make tiled conservatory roofs a lot more energy efficient than other types of conservatory roof, so they can help you keep the heat in your home while keeping out the cold. This is a big benefit in winter as it means you can stay warm and cosy even when the temperature drops.

A tiled conservatory roof is a better option than an old, leaky glass conservatory roof and it’s an excellent investment that you’ll be able to see the benefits of in the long run. They’ll save you money over time and will help increase the value of your property, especially if you decide to sell in the future.

Unlike polycarbonate and plastic conservatory roofs, tiled conservatory roofs are made from solid materials, which makes them more resistant to leakages and damage. They’re also quieter inside than glass, which is an important factor for anyone who wants to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing space.

The best lightweight tiled conservatory roofs will come in a range of colours and styles that can seamlessly blend into your existing property. This will ensure the extension looks like a permanent feature and it’ll boost your kerb appeal too!

They’re also extremely hardwearing, so you can rest assured that they’ll last a good long time. In addition, they’re highly insulated and can offer market-leading insulation levels.

These are just a few of the reasons why tiled conservatory roofs are increasingly popular. They’re also more cost-effective than other types of conservatory roof and can be fitted in a much shorter period of time than polycarbonate or plastic alternatives.

A great choice if you want to bring more light into your conservatory, a solid tiled roof can be fitted with high-performing glazing, such as Velux windows. This can create an impressive, bright and airy extension that you’ll love to spend time in all year round.

Enhanced insulation is the first reason to choose a tiled conservatory roof, and it’s a key factor in saving you money on your heating bills over time. A good quality tiled conservatory roof can have a U-value of less than 0.5, which is significantly more efficient than other roofing materials such as glass or high-quality polycarbonate.

It’s also worth mentioning that a tiled conservatory roof can add extra warmth to your home in the winter, making it a cosy living space for entertaining and relaxation. They can also be fitted with a draught excluder to prevent cold drafts from entering your home.

They’re incredibly durable and can be installed quickly, making them a great choice for busy families or anyone on a budget. They’re also more eco-friendly than traditional conservatory roofs and will improve the sustainability of your home over time.

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