Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Last July, many North Carolina magistrates began using a new application to generate criminal processes and pleadings. The software, called eWarrants, is part of the state court system’s migration to a digital platform known as eCourts. Like all systems, eWarrants has been subject to bugs and other issues. And, of course, it has been the source of some controversy.

A shared information technology system that simplifies and expedites the warrant issuance process has been implemented in Meigs County, and is being expanded statewide. The eWarrants interface is available at no cost to law enforcement agencies and courts in all 88 Ohio counties, and it can be integrated with the record management vendor systems that agencies already use.

Whether it’s for search and rescue operations, traffic stops, or to check whether a wanted felon is legally allowed to possess firearms, it’s imperative that police officers have the most accurate and up-to-date information available. In order to achieve that goal, a common database of all warrants issued by the courts is needed. A national system that’s capable of integrating with local systems is also necessary to prevent duplicate and outdated data from entering the databases.

FusionStak has created an electronic warrant system that’s capable of integrating with the most popular CMS and RMS systems in the market. This virtual warrant system saves countless hours, and even days of officer work by allowing those hours to be used for the apprehension and conviction of criminals. This reduces unplanned overtime and allows for the deployment of the most effective officers possible. Ewarrants

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