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One of the biggest issues that owners of tanning salons have when they get started in their business is equipment. They are not always sure of which equipment to buy. A good general piece of advice is to tailor purchases to your needs and buy the kind and quality of equipment that you think your clients would want and the services you plan to provide them. If you are a discount salon, you may not be able to spend top dollar, but if your clients want the best, there are deluxe versions available.

1. What IS beauty salon equipment?

Salon equipment is a general term that is used to refer to the products offered by salons and needed during services. Just like there are standard equipment with hair, nail or other types of salons, tanning salons have standard equipment. Price can vary considerably. If you are a basic salon or are just starting, the standard models might be for you. But if you have a established clientèle willing to pay for it, more money does often indicate better quality.

2. Is it really “discount” equipment?

Some salespeople use the word discount to get customers in the door when they have standard prices. So being able to trust a shop includes research into how reputable it is and to be familiar with what the standard prices are for each piece. There can be discounts from dealers who buy in bulk or purchase used, you just have to go to the right ones.

3. Is there really good “Used” equipment

It is not necessary to purchase something new for it to be in good condition. Other types of salons by things like chair units used all the time. All types of salons can see the same benefit. It can depend on the services you offer and what kind of salon you have. But hair salons ranging to tanning salons to those that have a combination can consider used equipment. But it is much the same with the discounters. Make sure they are reputable. Insist on a warrantee policy where if something is damaged you can bring it back.

4. How about “wholesale.”

Going through the wholesale dealer can be a great way for a salon owner to save some money. They way the wholesalers are able to slash their prices is that they buy in bulk, passing some of the savings on to you. Sometimes they get a large amount of the equipment and need to liquidate it all. Benefiting from wholesalers will involve finding reputable individuals, through both research and word of mouth through networking with other salon owners who have found good deals.

5. Is there financing or leasing?

Usually there is to clients who are considered credit-worthy. It wouldn’t hurt to ask, especially if you are just getting started. It will help to only have to make monthly payments rather than a big up-front purchase if it isn’t working out. In fact for many start-ups it can be an excellent option, so investigate the possibilities.

6. Have you tried it?

Many of us wouldn’t consider buying a car without giving it a test drive. It is much the same with any equipment you buy for your salon. Sit in chairs, lie on tables and do a number of things to scrutinize all the parts to see if they are in working order. But many times things can’t be fully tested until they are used by customers, so make sure you have a good warranty policy in the event that when it is fully used it is in good working order. Making contacts within the salon industry, can be advantage because this may be the way you find a reputable source of equipment? Gels à ongles

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