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The dental chair is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a dental practice. It is used by all patients and can be splattered with blood, saliva and other body fluids during dental procedures. If it is not properly disinfected after each use, the chair can harbor many types of microorganisms including herpes viruses, HIV, hepatitis B and C and streptococci.

It can also be an incubator for vermin such as lice and bed bugs. This is why it is essential to regularly disinfect the chair and the associated trays. In addition, the chair should be tested for proper operation and safety.

A good dental chair will offer a range of features that improve positioning and comfort for both the patient and dentist. Some of these features include a convex headrest that cradles the occipital bone for improved access to the oral cavity and armrest touch pads designed to facilitate easy patient chair movements and positioning.

There are three basic designs of dental chairs – ceiling design, mobile independent design and floor-mounted design. The type of chair you choose will depend on your specific needs and how you wish to work with the patient.

When choosing a dental chair, it is important to consider how you will use it day-to-day and for the long term. For example, some dentists may want a dental chair that can get very low to help patients in and out, while others will prefer a chair with an adjustable backrest position for ergonomic comfort.

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